If you’ve recently invested in a CFMOTO ATV, a CFMOTO UTV, SSV, or any other vehicle from CFMOTO, we’d like to say congratulations. With your brand new ride and the proper licence, you’re now equipped to join a community of fun-loving riders who know the value of a good time. The riding life isn’t just a hobby; it’s a lifestyle. Once you immerse yourself in all your ATV or side by side can bring to you, you’ll probably find that the way you’re living has changed quite a bit for the better.

How can this be so? ATVs and side by sides are certainly fun to ride. You don’t need to ask an ATV company and side by side manufacturer to determine this! Though as fun as they are, and as powerful as they can be, all ATVs and side by sides are just machines. While they can rip down all the trails, tear through the mud, and while they can be a pure blast to operate, driving around on its own doesn’t seem like it would change your lifestyle very much, or so you might think. How could the mere act of owning a CFMOTO vehicle change anything about the way you live?

We’re here to explain. While owning and driving a vehicle on its own sure is fun, the community that comes with it is a part of what makes CFMOTO vehicles such amazing things. Below, we explain what exactly the riding life brings you, as well as how to best take advantage of all the life-improving benefits it creates.

The Riding Life: Where Fun & Community Are Paramount

Riding your CFMOTO CFORCE ATV, UTV or Side by Side alone is fun, but it’s even more fun with a group. Get a bunch of buddies together and embrace the unique togetherness that comes with sharing the beauty of the outdoors and the power of CFMOTO vehicles. We promise there’s nothing quite like it. Explore places you’ve never seen, stop at a local cafe or restaurant and share a hearty meal, bond with nearby strangers over the joys of ATV riding, and more. The list of possibilities is endless.

With your CFMOTO vehicle on your side, you gain access to a wide community of vehicle and outdoor enthusiasts, with just as many varied interests as you can imagine. Some riders use their CFMOTO vehicles for work, as is the case with many owners of CFMOTO UTV and Side by Sides, while others use them for sport and recreation, and still, others use them for a combination of the two. No matter what you use your CFMOTO vehicle for, though, you can bond with almost anyone who owns one. After all, you all appreciate a reliable, affordable vehicle with the power to do what it was made for. You probably share the same values!

Bonding with those in the dedicated CFMOTO community can not only make you new friends, but it can absolutely change your life.

It can remind you of the importance of having a hobby. In this day and age, where it seems that everyone spends their life working harder than ever, it’s crucial for your health to have a fun and relaxing hobby. Riding with a bunch of friends is exactly this! Take a breather now and again and schedule riding sessions with friends who will hold you to them. You’ll come back to work and your family feeling much more relaxed and refreshed, able to tackle whatever life throws at you—just like your CFMOTO vehicle can.

It can remind you of the importance of a social life. Many adults find themselves trapped in the cycle of work-home-work, and they struggle to find time to pursue friendships outside of those spheres. However, a thriving social network of peers who share similar interests and values is also important for one’s well-being. Going for rides and sharing meals afterwards with fellow ATV or side by side enthusiasts is a great way to fulfil your social needs and reminds you of the importance of interacting with others outside of when you need to.

It can teach you how to bond by doing rather than talking. Some people bond with others through deep conversation, while others bond through the love of shared activities. Eating a nice post-ride meal and planning your trip with your new CFMOTO riding buddy can be a blast, but you’ll probably do most of your bonding following each other down new tracks with the wind in your ears and a smile on your face. If you’re a person who likes to chat with others to form friendships, you’ll experience the value of forming them in entirely new ways.