A short but challenging day at Greece rally

The off-road rally in Greece is approaching the halfway point. Today, the athletes had to cover a little more than a hundred kilometers on the track, but this does not mean that they had time to relax. Both CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team athletes reached the finish line, although the day was not without incidents.

Having already reached the finish line of the third sports day of Hellas Rally Raid, Antanas Kanopkinas said that everything went well for him, and the biggest challenge now is to prepare for the marathon starting on Thursday: “Another day has ended without major adventures or mistakes. The result is also pleasing. We have already entered the pace of this rally. There are a lot of dangerous places on the tracks, but I did well to protect myself and the quad. Now the most important thing is to prepare perfectly for the upcoming marathon. Although the service will be allowed, we will have to cover a lot of kilometers, and the goal remains the same – to reach the finish line safely, quickly and without mistakes.”

True, Wednesday was not so successful for another athlete of the team. Gaetan Martinez faced a series of setbacks but still made it to the finish line: “It was a short but challenging day. The first half of the day was going great, I caught a few bikes and seemed to gain a few minutes of time, but then things started to struggle. First, I lost my power steering, so all my attention was absorbed by this situation and I tried to avoid the dangers on the track. Unfortunately, this caused me to miss a turn marked in the road book and drive in the wrong direction – I missed one of the waypoints and should receive a 15 minute penalty. I came back today disappointed, but it’s a race – four more days to go.”

Tomorrow, the first day of the marathon sprint awaits the athletes. Although service work will be allowed between these days, the participants will have to cover a total of almost 700 kilometers. Team racers are determined to ride fast, but at the same time protect their equipment and themselves.