Friday 19th Dakar Rally 2024: CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team cross the finish line!

The CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team have completed the 2024 Dakar Rally, finishing in 5th place overall with a time of 113H 25′ 50”.

Twelve speed stages and more than four and a half thousand kilometers – this year’s Dakar Rally was particularly difficult challenge for the participants. The CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team has been dreaming and striving to start this rally for several years, and before the start, they set themselves the main goal – to cross the finish arch with the CFMOTO quadbike.

“We would like to utter the legendary phrase of Benediktas Vanagas, “Dakar ends – Dakar begins”, but we are completely in the dark about the decisions of the motorcycle sports federation and the Dakar organizers ASO. In other words, we do not yet know what we will do next January. On the other hand, now is the time to appreciate and be happy with this year’s performance: we could have done much better, but we could have done much worse,” Antanas Kanopkinas assessed his first performance in the Dakar Rally.

The athlete said that he still has unfinished business with Dakar, and the goal of bringing home the real medal, testifying that he has completed Dakar, has not disappeared: “Dakar is a very difficult marathon. You fight for 6-8 hours on the track for almost two weeks and even the slightest mistake can erase all the work and effort you have put in. I feel very grateful to everyone who supported, was together and believed. Thanks also to those who doubted us – this is an additional motivation. We were a little bit stumped, but the key phrase in our team is “never give up”. Thanks to everyone – Dakar was amazing.”

Team members say that the main goal in the coming days is to recover and rest, as well as to evaluate the marathon that has just passed. These two weeks of the most difficult tests gave a lot of useful information, both in a sporting and technical sense. The entire upcoming season is ahead, during which the team has planned many races, so there will be no time to rest for a long time.