The team in Greece can celebrate the completion of a challenging two-day marathon

On Friday, after a long working week, the athletes of the CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team in Greece can celebrate the completion of a challenging two-day marathon. It’s true, unlike many, the Hellas Rally Raid participants can’t relax yet, because there are two more sports days ahead.

Both athletes on the team successfully reached the finish line, but both experienced the same part failure on different days. Yesterday, Antanas Kanopkinas had to drive for a hundred kilometers without power steering, today, Gaetan Martinez crossed the finish line while steering with difficulty.

“Finally, the marathon is done. Over two hundred kilometers on the track today and everything was going well, but almost halfway through the track I lost the power steering. The rest of the course took a lot of strength, but in the end I’m here – that’s the good part. Now I’m passing the quad to the mechanics, they need to repair it and prepare for the remaining two days”, said G. Martinez.

Having experienced an incident on the track yesterday, A. Kanopkinas started the day at a high pace today, in order to regain the lost time: “I pushed for the first part of the track, in the second half I drove more safely to protect the technique. The day was fun, there was even time to look at the surrounding mountains. Most importantly, without any unplanned adventures. Now we are preparing for tomorrow, which will be the longest and hardest day of the rally.”

On Saturday, the participants will have to cover almost four hundred kilometers and this will be the largest one-day distance of this rally. The sixth intense sports day in a row becomes a challenge in itself for many athletes, as the fatigue accumulated during the week takes its toll.